Jada is bent over her desk, her large, round ass facing me. She’s wearing fishnets and a thong, her skirt pulled up over her back. She’s looking back at me over her shoulder.

Here’s your story, Danny.

Well, it’s juicy alright…

Five foot seven, soft dark skin, a gorgeous face, curvy, very large assets both high and low… Jada is a walking wet dream. Since I first saw her I wanted to taste her, to touch her, to hear her scream my name. So why do I hesitate?

She’s bent over her desk, wiggling her ass at me. My cock is rock hard already. I could whip it out and ram it in and she’d let me do anything I want. So why the hell have I not done that already?

Come on, Danny. Don’t be shy now.

“Look, Jada…” I start to say something; I don’t know what and don’t get the chance to find out.

Don’t tell me you don’t want this, Danny,” she says while giving her ass a slap.

I do want it. I want it more than anything right now. Yet I’m still standing here in the doorway, not up behind her.

I thought Cass said you were anything but shy…

So Jada is in this little circle too, is she? Who else is, I wonder.

It seems I wrong about you, Danny. Maybe you aren’t bold enough to succeed here.

Okay, fuck that. She goes to stand upright, but in a flash I’m behind her, pushing her back down again. My belt is unbuckled and pants are down by my ankles within seconds.

Yes,” she sighs as she feels me pressing my bulge on her.

I pull aside her thong, grasping myself firmly and pushing hard against her. In all the fantasies I have had about Jada (and I’ve had a few) I’ve always taken my time, started slow and gentle before making her beg for more. But I’m not holding back now it’s happening for real.

She wants to call me shy, and not bold enough to succeed? Yeah, I know she was probably just trying to get a reaction from me, and she’s getting one right now.

A Vault original, 01/03/2017

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